So, what is 3st of the month?

We're glad you asked. 

3st Of The Month is a full media experience fueled by our love of all things booze that lives not only on our site and social media, but also through a monthly VIP invitation-only event designed to put the good stuff directly into the hands of our thirsty members, all while raising funds for worthy non-profit causes. 100% of the proceeds from each month's event go directly to local charities. 

3st of the Month was launched to create an opportunity to gather, have some drinks and explore cool locations, brands, drinks and food. Regardless of the day of the week, the 3st of the Month is essentially a new drinking holiday. Plan for it, mark your calendars. And while you're at it, make sure you request the 4th off too.

a monthly celebration of booze, food and all the good stuff in life. 

Every month, it's a different dedicated focus. One month might be all about that lovely brown elixir we call Bourbon. We'll bring a couple dozen cool Bourbon brands to together to share what they've got going on and taste what can be done with them. Another month it could be all about beer and wine or even how many ways you can make single specific cocktail. We'll take that theme and dive in deep, serving up some great drinks, good bites and exposing the invitation-only crowd to another side of this killer town.

But it is more than just a once-a-month party. 3st is an ongoing booze conversation. While we're exploring brands, venues and causes to bring to the event each month, we'll share that content with you. Through our emails, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook pages, you can discover more than you ever knew about wine, beer, spirits and cocktails. So, join us. Let's talk about booze - and do some good while we're at it.

This is truly one of the best events I have done in the country, it was beautifully choreographed, with meaningful brand engagement in a community of passionate and curious guests.
— Leilani Vella, Sipsmith Gin
3st of the Month | Let's talk about BOOZE!