getting #shipfaced at tikitober

When we realized our 3rd 3st of the Month was going to fall on a Friday, we knew we had to go BIG. We needed a big theme, big brands and, most importantly, a big venue. 

All of the stars aligned for Tikitober at Track One in the Wedgewood Houston area. This massive space has played host to a few events in the past, but there was no doubt this was an event like they had never seen the likes of before! 

The big open space was transformed with help from event lighting and a video of waves lapping at the beach projected on the wall (with help from our friends at Nashville Audio Visual) and great event rentals from Liberty Party Rental.

When guests arrived down the tiki torch path, they checked in, grabbed their glass for the night and quickly got lei'd. 

The night was benefiting the YWCA of Nashville & Middle Tennessee and there was no shortage of killer tiki drinks, with offerings from some seriously amazing booze brands. While everyone seemed to have a favorite, they were all incredibly popular throughout the night. 

Blue Chair Bay Rum whipped up two different cocktails, the Scorpion and the Painkiller. Both were fresh, fruity and damn delicious!

Patrón came to the table with all three flavors of their new high-end Roca Patrón Tequila (as if the regular stuff was not good enough!). Guests had a "Roca Paloma" (made with Roca Patrón Silver, Aperol, grapefruit juice and a splash of sparkling water), a Roca Patrón Reposado cocktail with Sangrita (a spiced orange juice, lime juice and Eli Mason Grenadine mix) or just had shots of the Roca Patrón Anejo off the big ass ice block shooter. 

Patrón also brought their rum - Pyrat Rum. Two tasty cocktails were mixed at the Pyrat Table. The "Pyrat in Pompeii" featured Pyrat Rum, lime juice, Eli Mason Demerara Syrup and Fernet Branca and the aptly named "Spring Breaaaaak" was a fruity tropical drink with Pyrat, coconut syrup, pineapple juice and pineapple Jarritos soda. 

Next up was Olmeca Altos Tequila. The table decorations alone was enough to get you excited with palms, flowers and even a damn bubble machine, but the "Sugar Skull" cocktail was just as impressive. Regular 3st bartender Galen Johnson whipped up a blend of Olmeca Altos Tequila, Trader Vic's Macadamia Liqueur, coconut milk, lychee, lime and nutmeg that kept the folks coming back all night.

Papa's Pilar Rum kept a crowd coming back all night for two different cocktails. Unfortunately, we drank a little too much to remember what they were called. But trust us - they were really good.

Nobody could miss the big-ass Airstream plopped right in the middle of the warehouse. Affectionately called the "Whisper Wagon," it belonged to the local SPEAKeasy Spirits folks, makers of Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream and Pennington's Strawberry Rye. They offered two amazing cocktails - a frozen Whisper Creek take on the Nashville favorite Bushwhacker called the "Tiki-Whacker" and a Pennington's drink that had everyone stumbling around a bit by the end of the night. We may have had a few shots of Pennington's too. It's hard to remember. . . 

Flor De Caña Rum brought their A-game with a crazy complex cocktail that had as many layers of flavor as there are flowers on a lei. 

Locally-loved Jackalope Brewing Company made their 3st debut with a welcome addition to the lineup of boozy Tiki Drinks - beer! They served up glasses of their Bearwalker Maple Brown Ale. . .and passed out a few antler hats that seemed pretty popular over in the Picture Booth.

We also had a great classic Tiki Drink by Ron Matusalem Rum - the "Three Dots and a Dash." But if that wasn't enough, guests could also sample this amazing rum straight - in one of three different styles.

And, finally, we had a drink that many called their favorite of the night - the "Mexican Voodoo," a combination of Maestro Dobel Tequila, grapefruit and pineapple juices and cinnamon syrup. Yes, please!

The Southern and ACME Feed & Seed kept bites coming as fast as people could eat them (you gotta have something to soak up all that booze!)

Our guests could drink with great confidence, knowing that they had a safe ride from UBER. Guests were also having a blast snapping pictures in the Picture Booth (see the pictures here) and were jammin' to a great beachy playlist from Jacob Jones. 

Thank you to our sponsors!

Venue Host: TRACK ONE

Food Sheriff Consumable Branding 

Liberty Party Rental

Mountain Agency

Moxie Print Market

Nashville Audio Visual

Park Nashville

Picture Booth Co

SPEAKeasy Marketing

UBER Nashville