shit we love: ketle one on the rocks


A guest blog from Jacob Jones of Mountain


I love bourbon. I used to like nothing better than going out and putting down about five or six old fashions with a good crew of friends preferably on a weeknight (weekend bar scenes can be….well, you know). On nights where I would pretend I’m about a decade younger than I am, I’d throw back Jameson shots backed by some kind of beer I could find room for twelve of. Usually Miller Lite. I love the taste of whiskey. I truly do. Here’s the deal….my body decided out of nowhere when I was around twenty five years old that whiskey is poison. The sweet nectar I had come to rely on so much for the blurry times of my twenties had turned on me.

Suddenly, a night on the brown sauce would set me back DAYS. You know the kind of hangovers I’m talking about. The I can’t think, can’t talk, can’t even open the damn blinds, can barely muster enough strength to order Papa John’s on the internet kind of vindictive hangover from hell. This presented a big problem for me because I’m one of those drinkers who can’t seem to find the “off switch” when I really get into it. What can I say, I do enjoy a good time. So what?

Enter Vodka. Clear spirits have less impurities, less sugar and thus less head destroying, regret wallowing hangovers the day after. Try a night on clear booze next time you tie one on, but you can’t just swill any plastic bottle Mr. Barton’s garbage. I recommend Ketle One. I’ve started enjoying Kettle One on the rocks with lemon when I know I don’t want the next morning to feel like I woke up dead and I gotta say…it works. It’s delicious. It’s strong, refreshing (especially after some ice melts) and it’ll take you where you need to go without all the achey, soul crushing baggage of some other spirits. You’d think gin might work the same, but you’d be wrong. Consider a good vodka go-to your adult self making grown up choices. Thanks adult self!

Nothing against the brown liquors, you’ll always be my favorite. But you do me so wrong.