shit we love: la croix sparkling water

Not every cocktail needs bitters, syrup or fancy liqueurs. Sometimes a quick drink is nice and for that we love La Croix Sparkling Water. Yes, there are other companies out there making flavored sparkling waters, but none match the combo of quality and variety like La Croix. 

Over the years they've expanded their basic lineup flavors to include some damn-tasty options like grapefruit ("pamplemousse"), cran-raspberry and coconut. They also recently released a new combo of La Croix Cúrate with Cherry-Lime and Apple-Berry flavors...but this summer they launched a collection of three new flavors exclusively to Target; Passionfruit, Mango and Apricot.

Regardless of the flavor you pick (we suggest grabbing a collection of flavors to have on hand), they all make excellent mixers for simple and downright-delicious cocktails. 

Here are a few of our favorite combinations:

  • Pamplemousse and Tequila
  • Peach-Pear and Citrus Vodka
  • Lemon and Cucumber Vodka
  • Cherry-Lime and Tequila
  • Lime and Gin
  • Passionfruit and White Rum
  • Mango and Tequila
  • Coconut and Dark Rum

La Croix also did a little work on their own and have a great collection of cocktail recipes on their website

So, while we're not throwing away our entire collection of bitters any time soon, we are definitely ready to make a 5 second cocktail. In fact, we're off to drink one right now...