august 3st | what's in the works

It's crazy to imagine we're only a week away from officially launching 3st of the Month. While we've been active here online and on our Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts, everything about 3st actually revolves around the monthly events. 

Sunday, August 3st will be our first event. It's an invite-only event, but attending guests have quite a treat in store for them when they arrive to the new Hatchery event space at the ACME in Downtown Nashville. 

First off, they're going to have their friggin' minds blown by ACME. The space is beautiful, historic and just all-around cool as hell. We've all seen that building sitting empty downtown for years and to see the care that they put into doing this right is nothing short of heartwarming. But they're not just opening up the space for us, they'll also be providing some incredibly tasty treats and nibbles. 

When our guests arrive, they'll have to check in and show valid ID - it is a booze event after all. For those guests not already on our email list, they'll need to provide their email at check-in to activate their membership. And you know what they say, membership has its privileges. For every 3st event a member attends, they'll receive 3 new member invites to share with friends. Share carefully...invite the people you want to party with.

Every guest will receive a glass for the night. We'll have them set up special for the event, thanks to our friends at Liberty Party Rental. Liberty is one of our favorite event rental companies and are providing the tables, chairs, linens and glassware for August 3st. But hold on to your glass - it's yours for the night (but not to take home). We'll have a self-service 'hydration station' as well as a rinse station should you want to rinse your glass between cocktails. 

Speaking of cocktails...whoa. Get ready. Scheduled to attend our August 3st event are:

But after all this booze, we want you to be safe and responsible. Thanks to our friends at Uber, that's possible. They're offering FREE Black Car service (one way) to both new and existing users! Simply use the code ACME3ST to get the deal!

We want you to have more than just a hangover to remember us by. So before you go, be sure to leave your glass and pick up a souvenir poster, courtesy of our friends at Moxie Print Market

And be on the lookout for an email on August 5th. We'll not only be sharing info for our September 3st event, but we'll be sending recipes from the cocktails you sampled at the event and, most importantly, the link to use to invite 3 friends into 3st of the Month membership!