shit we love: 18 year old kilbeggan

A guest blog from Henry Pile of Mountain


My friend Marchelle Bradanini asked me to film a video for “Easy Money,” a song she recently released. She performs under the moniker “Pony Boy” and her sound is a whirling blender of gothic southern soul and classic country ripped from an 8 track and tossed around a bit. To capture a visual representation of the gritty sound, she wanted a hazy video with as much lo-fi technology as possible. 

After a few hours of cigarette smoke, candles, bedroom scenes, and a lot of lipstick, we wrapped. I spent a few days on the edit and we celebrated a final cut of the video.

Because sheʼs a friend, I refused payment. Not to be deterred, she paid me with 18 year old Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey. I have no background with Irish Whiskey. As a former bartender, I spent my time with the popular spirits and left those odd green bottles on the shelf to collect dust. Still, Iʼm not one to say no to booze. I graciously accepted. 

After handing me the bottle, Marchelle told me, “Donʼt drink all of this without me.” The next day, she left for London and I was left with a sense that this was pretty damn good stuff.

A few nights later, after a particularly difficult day at work, I lifted the bottle off the bar cart, pulled the cork, poured a healthy shot over a cube of ice, and let the glass sit for a minute. The carmel colored booze heated the ice and mixed with the cold water. Ribbons of cold and warm wrapped around each other. Ready to untie this gift, I put the glass to my lips and let a bit into my mouth.

The woody, spiced cherry notes slipped up my nose as the whiskey side down my throat. Dry but full of flavor. Almonds maybe. Definitely woody. No smoke or peat like a Scotch. No burn like an American Whiskey. Perfect with the ice and easy to drink.

As you can expect, a higher priced product is usually higher quality. Kilbeggan 18 met that expectation. I donʼt pound this liquor for a quick drunk or pour sloppy shots at 2 AM. Iʼll let those more popular bottles play the party maker. This booze is perfect for an evening glass of the brown stuff. 

Oh, and I should mention that after a few months, Marchelle came back from London. We shared a glass of whiskey. If you happen to come into some nice booze, be sure to share it with a friend. I guarantee it will go down smoother with some ice and good conversation.

Want to see the video that earned me this bottle? Click here.