Shaking Things Up at Tikitober

Saturday, October 3 was unseasonably chilly, but that did not stop anyone from gettin' their "tiki" on at The Platform! Of course, when we first found this super secret venue, we loved the idea of rolling up all the garage doors and having a warm and breezy Tikitober event. But the good part is that drinking always seems to warm you up anyway, so the chilly night didn't seem to hold anyone back from celebrating. 

Once folks checked in and picked up their cup for the night, they put on their leis and started exploring the 19 tables of creative cocktails that lined the center of the large room. Everything from tequila to mezcal to rum - and even whiskey - was mixed, blended and shaken into all sorts of boozy drinks. Luckily, we had some outstanding (and free!) grub from two of Nashville's best food trucks to soak up all that booze! Riff's and Crepe A Diem served samples throughout the night and set a new bar for the food at our events.

But we had a little surprise waiting in store for our mid-event announcements. After Patrick from our charity partner Nashville Cares thanked the crowd and we thanked our killer sponsors, we saw the anticipation in the faces of the crowd waiting to hear what theme our next month would have. But as we turned the poster around they saw it was... BLANK. We shared the news that we were taking a little hiatus from our monthly events (to a chorus of grumbles and boos) but promised we'll keep everyone in the loop. (We've since published a blog post explaining the details.) And before we left the stage, we raised our colorful cups in the air for a toast to the 3st of the Month!