We all know how dangerous shots can be. But with this guest blog post from Henry Pile of Mountain, you might just learn a few tips that make them a little more appealing.

If you’ve been to a bar, college, a wedding, a bachelor party, a house party, a fraternity party, a sorority party, a campfire party... you’ve probably taken shots. You probably swore off tequila for years. You might have fought a wall after too much Jagermeister. You might have contemplated the flakes of gold in Goldschlager. You might gag at the sight of a Fireball machine.

You’re doing it wrong.

Here’s how to take shots and survive.

Be the guy who buys the shots.

Surprising simple, but it you control the flow, then you pick the booze. Pick booze you like.


Just say no.

It’s ok to turn down a shot early on, but if you have taken shots with this crew before and you are currently drinking, this strategy won’t hold up for long.


Play to your strength.

If shots are dropped in front of you despite your protests, take advantage of distractions. I have absolutely tossed two ounces of cheap booze on the floor when everyone else was heads back.


It’s just a hangover.

Whatever happened to adventure? Since when did risky drinking becomes such a bad thing? Eight shots?! Go for it! But don’t drink ANYTHING ELSE BUT WATER. There’s a difference between a hangover and a visit to the ER.

At the end of the day, people are drinking together to celebrate or commiserate. You are part of this group because you are valued. No one is trying to kill you (hopefully) so participate and have fun, but be wise and don’t lose your head.