the go-to

It seems we all have that one 'go-to' drink. In this guest blog post from Henry Pile of Mountain, you'll read about his. And it's damn good.

What’s your go-to drink? You know, the one you turn to when friends stop by. The one that everyone asks you to make. The one you love to drink on a warm saturday afternoon.

I love a cold can of beer. Zero maintenance. Easy to keep at the ready. Portable. Reliable. But, it lacks imagination. My can of beer is as good as yours or anyone else’s. There’s nothing special about it.

The next is a “something and something.” Think of this as Gin and Tonic or Whiskey and Lemonade or Rum and Coke. I think Peggy Olson said it best when considering Mountain Dew and vodka as  “an emergency.” A last resort. Desperate.

If you come to my house, you’ll drink an ice cold Old Fashioned. That’s my go-to. But, in making this drink over the years, I’ve found a few derivations that make it uniquely my own.

I don’t usually have simple syrup on hand, but I always have sugar cubes. I drop one in the bottom of a rocks glass and three dashes of Bitter Truth lemon bitters.

I smash the sugar and spread it around the bottom and side of the glass. Then I add one dropper of Bittermens Elemakule Tiki Bitters around the sides.

Drop in a  full scoop of ice.

Add ½ ounce of Cointreau.

Add 2 ounces of Belle Meade Bourbon

Grab that long mixing spoon and stir 40-50 turns. This helps melt the ice and mellow the drink. It also blends the sugar on the bottom.

Lastly, cut a slice of lemon peel and rub the rim.

From time to time, I’ll try a variation (orange, different bitters, Rye…), but this is my go-to. You should have one as well. But don’t rush into it. Let the trial and error be a fun process. Hell, you’re drinking! Relax and enjoy it.