the big orange

Sip on this! Easy summertime drinkin' with the "Big Orange"

With a holiday weekend ahead, it's the unofficial kickoff of summer, which means long days on the lake with drink in hand. Lucky for us, this guest post from Jacob Jones at Mountain should get you set for the summer ahead.

When I was young, my family would take the drive once a year from our tiny farm town in Indiana to Dale Hollow Lake on the Kentucky/Tennessee border. Dale Hollow meant all things summer to me back then. We'd spend a week water skiing, swimming, tubing and staying up all night. My parent's had a crew of friends with tons of kids combined. For an 8 year old kid, it felt pretty much like middle American paradise.

For the adults though, it meant letting loose from the grind of work weeks, playing cards and getting drunk. My parents were fairly young, so they were still able to throw down every once in a while. They'd listen to The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty all night. They got louder and louder by the hour. They danced. They got smashed at least one night of the trip. Who could blame them? 

Back then, everything felt very blue collar. It's been my experience that blue collar and middle class people are by far the most fun to party with. My folks and their friends weren't fancy, but they made strong drinks and held their own. 

They had this one concoction called "Big Orange" or "Big O," as it came to be known. They'd make a big batch in the morning and sip this stuff all day. The "Big O" days on the lake were always the most fun to watch. My dad would jump off 40 foot cliffs into the lake. The entire house boat of adults sang John Mellencamp at the top of their lungs. The Big O flowed. All before four in the afternoon.

The kick in "Big O" was gin and, this being gin month at 3st Of The Month, I thought I'd share this little Indiana secret with you.

"Big Orange"

1 Handle of Seagrams Gin (Yes, it needs to be Seagrams. Nothing fancy here)
2 Two Liter bottles of Mountain Dew
6 Oranges
6 Limes
6 Lemons

Squeeze all the fruit and combine all ingredients in a giant bowl. Pour over ice and sip.

I know what you're thinking....Mountain Dew, really? Really? Yep. This isn't mixology. Trust me. 

Make some "Big O" next time you hit the lake and you'll have stories for months. Its a boozy, citrusy, caffeinated experience that goes perfectly with Bruce Springsteen, sunburns and the best times of your life. Oh, and go ahead and buy some Advil.