throw your own 3st this july

After almost a full year of putting on some incredible boozy gatherings every month on the 3rd (or 3st) of the month, we're taking this July off. 

We've planned this all along, knowing that July is a crazy month for everyone and that we would be ready for a break. And while we're already working on our big return in August (and other upcoming months), we figured it would only be right to invite you to host your own 3st of the Month this July. 

We pulled inspiration from fireworks and created new cocktails that are perfect for the holiday and drinking during the summer months. Be they red, white, blue or just plain boozy, they're all pretty darn good. So, gather a few friends, pick a few (or even all) of these drinks below, put on our special playlist of new summer music and PARTY like it's the 3st of the Month!

We'll see you in August!