Have we said it enough? We missed you guys! Opening up the doors at The Bell Tower and seeing so many familiar faces brought back all of the memories… well, maybe more like vague familiarities of past boozy nights over tables of cocktails and clever themes, but let’s call them memories.

We took some time off and made some changes. Most notably, Jesse Goldstein, the founding partner of 3st and man behind Food Sheriff Consumable Branding, made the tough decision to step aside and pass the event on to FoxFuel Creative. Jesse now runs marketing for Fresh Brands and, consequently, has his hands full, but his spirit is still alive and well with 3st. He was hands on during the transition and thrilled to see the event relaunch with the same familiar flavor of the past.

And what an event it was! With our non-profit sponsor, Play Rec Sports, we brought quite a mix of new spirits and stalwarts of the the local Nashville booze scene. All in all, 350 of you “sampled” 19 different spirits, wine, and beer.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the food and kickass venue! Infinity Hospitality never disappoints. They delivered a beautiful display of fruit and cheese in the amazing Bell Tower space. How about those ceilings? We were thrilled to have a breeze in the patio area and show off some of the versatility of the space.

The booze is back indeed and there was a TON of it! Local bartenders stirred, shook and strained themselves into a frenzy with some of the most creative (and tasty) cocktails we've ever had. We know you loved it because you cut loose on that gif photo booth from Generation Domination. And yes, we have the images.

Barrel Aged Beer & Brunch? YES, Please!

Ever heard of The Pink Boots Society? You should have, it's a killer group of ladies in the beer biz, founded on the spirit of female collaboration and craft beer. Through cool events (like the one below), they raise money for scholarship, education and events aimed at promoting women in the field of craft beer. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, we're kinda fond of these folks (and craft beer), and they've got a badass event coming up and are offering a special discount to 3st members (more on that later). This coming Sunday, November 22nd, they're gathering at ACME Feed & Seed (another favorite of ours) for Barrel & Brunch from 11am to 3pm.

This inaugural event is giving folks a chance to try an insane variety of barrel aged beers that were created just for this event. Corsair Distillery (another favorite of ours!) kindly donated a ton of their used booze barrels from different spirits to the cause and a slew of local and regional breweries put them to good use by fillin' em up with BEER! And if you've never had barrel-aged beer, you're missing out friends!

Jackalope Brewing Company, Corsair, Tennessee Brew Works, Yazoo Brewing Company, Black Abbey Brewing Company, Czann’s Brewing Company, Blackstone Brewing Company, Mayday Brewing Company, Fat Bottom Brewing Company, Calfkiller Brewing, and Tailgate Beer have all got beer aging in a variety of Corsair barrels just for the occasion. And ACME's pulling together a hell of a brunch menu featuring a biscuit sandwich bar, crab cakes, chicken and waffles, and fried green tomatoes! 

And here's the best part!

Since they're nice (and since we're on break from our events), Pink Boots is extending a discount to 3st of the Month members for tickets to Barrel & Brunch. Just use the code 3st4beer for $5 off your ticket! Click here to get tickets while they're still available! 

We'll see you there!

Best of the Barrel, Indeed!

What happens when you get 500+ people together with 25 tables of almost 60 types of top-shelf booze? A hell of a good time, that's what. 

That's what happened when we gathered at Marathon Music Works on Thursday, September 3rd when Music City Food + Wine Festival joined us to raise funds for Songs for Sound. Songs for Sound is a Nashville-based charity whose core mission is to improve the quality of life for profoundly deaf children worldwide by providing resources to give them the chance at a mainstream life.

The event brought out a record crowd and record number of booze brands. A total of 25 tables were packed with more than 60 products; sampled, stirred and strained - or shaken - into cocktails. 

And our friends at Music City Food + Wine Festival helped with bringing in three of Nashville's favorite spots to provide nibbles for the night. Sinema, Hattie B's and Biscuit Love all brought their a-game and the crowd devoured every single bite. You can sample again from these folks (and so many more!) at the Music City Food + Wine Festival on September 19-20. It's a must-see event - kinda like 3st, but all day long and with much more food! Get your tickets here.

But let's talk about the booze. Because there was a TON of it! Of course, with the them of "Best of the Barrel," most were expecting bourbon and whiskey - and we had that in spades. But we also brought in a few surprises including barrel-aged tequila, gins and cachaça. Local bartenders stirred, shook and strained themselves into a frenzy with some of the most creative (and tasty) cocktails we've ever had. 

View the photo booth pictures on facebook.

What We Drank