Pressing Pause


When we set out on this boozy adventure back in the summer of 2014, we had no idea how much fun we would have. We've discovered (and rediscovered) amazing booze brands in some of the coolest locations in Nashville - and raised tens of thousands of dollars for local charities in the process. But at our Tikitober event on Saturday night we announced we were pressing pause on our monthly events for a moment. Why? Let us explain. 

We rely on local distributors and their suppliers to donate their top-shelf spirits for each 3st of the Month. We're entering into the busiest time of the year for the liquor industry and that makes it much more difficult to have the best products at our events. But that's not the only reason.

The whole model of 3st of the Month requires a lot of moving pieces to fall into place. And that requires a lot of work. It usually starts several months in advance with securing a venue large enough to accommodate our growing audience. We ask that venue to donate their space and, in exchange, they get to select the charity that the event will benefit. As we gain more and more members, we work to find larger venues so we can sell more tickets to accommodate the demand. But larger venues and more tickets means a need for more tables and more top-shelf products. Just the time spent working to secure and schedule dozens of products each month is a full time job unto itself. Except the thing is, we already have full-time jobs.

Basically, as our events have grown, so have the challenges that come with putting them on. We love what 3st of the Month has grown into, but we have to find a way to make the monthly events sustainable for the future. 

So we're pressing pause and taking some time away from our monthly events to regroup and reassess. We're investigating options like sponsorship to fund a full-time event manager and even looking into creating our own non profit organization to streamline our process and maximize the impact we can make locally. In the meantime, we'll still keep in touch via email and social - and continue to share cocktail recipes, shit we love, and some very cool pop-up event invitations. Basically, all the member-only, insider info you deserve and we love to pass on. 

So hold tight, our monthly events will be back. But if you have any thoughts or suggestions for us in the meantime, we'd love to hear them. Thanks for your support, Nashville.


Rum for Days

Today, Sunday August 16, is National Rum Day.

Seriously, only one day? Rum should at least have a whole month! You see, we kinda love rum. Regardless of whether it's white, brown or yellow, rum is one of those spirits that just doesn't get the love it deserves.

After all, it was RUM that helped us get through Prohibition. Just because the laws shut down (legal) production of booze here in the states, that did not mean other countries had to stop. And folks ("rum runners") would bring this sugarcane spirit up from the tropics where we discovered the joys of a good rum buzz. 

Through the months, we've been lucky to have some seriously amazing rums participate in 3st of the Month. And through that time, we've whipped up a ton of rum-based cocktails. So, it seems only fitting to share some (30!) of those with you on this most sacred of days. Drink up!

wear your 3st

At our one year "anni3stery" last night at ACME, we unveiled our newest additions - 3st Merch! 

We'll be creating limited editions of all sorts of goodies, starting with these two shirt designs. We only printed 72 of each and we can't promise they'll be more when these are gone, so be sure to grab one while you can. 

Introducing the 3st Stocked Bar

As we approach our one year anniversary of 3st of the Month, we're excited to introduce some new elements to the 3st experience. . . 

The first of these is the "3st Stocked Bar," where each month, someone attending the event will have an opportunity to WIN a bottle of every product served that month! Seriously, that's a TON of booze! 

Starting this August, each ticket to 3st of the Month will include a raffle ticket that you'll be given at check-in. Once you're at the event, you can also purchase additional tickets (cash only), with 100% of those funds going to that month's charity. These extra raffle tickets will vary from $5-10, depending on the products that are included, but you're looking at a prize package of anywhere between 20-50 bottles each month! Our hope is this will help us raise even more money for great local causes. 

We'll announce the 3st Stocked Bar raffle winner each month during our mid-point event announcements and you must be present to win (so pay attention when we're on the mic!). Products will be included in the prize package subject to availability. 

win tickets to a dinner like no other

WIN tickets to the Woodford Reserve Distiller's Dinner at 1808 Grille

You could win tickets to an amazing dinner from Executive Chef Jake Strang at 1808 Grille at the Hutton Hotel. Better yet, you'll be joining Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris and enjoying incredible Woodford pairings throughout the night.

The dinner is on Wednesday, November 19 and includes four courses with bourbon pairings. Tickets to the very exclusive dinner run $125++ a person, but we have two free tickets up for grabs for our 3st of the Month Members! That's a $350 value, folks.

All you have to do for a chance to win is fill out the form below! Please note that you must be a Nashville (or at least Middle Tennessee) resident and be of legal drinking age to be eligible. Drawing will end at Midnight (Nashville time) on Tuesday, November 11. One entry per person.

Sorry. This Contest is now closed.

Don't want to take your chances?

You can reserve your seats for the dinner by clicking here and emailing for a reservation. Be sure to tell them that you're a 3st of the Month Member, as you'll receive a special gift at the event!

This Promotion is not supported by or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Void where prohibited. 

About Chris Morris:

Chris Morris is the seventh Master Distiller in the company's 144-year history and is one of three generations of his family to work for the company. A Louisville native, Morris has spent his working life in the bourbon industry. He is responsible for maintaining the award-winning taste of the Woodford Reserve Family of Brands and is a judge at the International Wine and Spirits Competition and International Spirits Challenge. 


use UBER, get free shit

Here's the deal. We know we have a tendency to serve a little booze at our events. While it's nice to know that many of you are being safe and not driving, we're teaming up with UBER to give you even more incentive to leave your keys at home and travel safely.

Each month, we'll provide you an UBER code to use for a discounted fare to and from the event. Yes, even if you're an existing user.

By using that special code, you're automatically entered to win some kick-ass prizes. It could be tickets to a future 3st of the Month, a bottle of booze, Titan's tickets or free distillery tour passes, but each month we'll have a variety of goodies just for our UBER users!

Thanks for being safe, folks.

october 3st | what's in the works

When we set out to start 3st of the Month, we had a simple goal in mind. Bring cool people together in great locations with really good booze. Our August 3st certainly kicked that off with a bang, but tomorrow's 3st of the Month is taking things to a whole other level.

Here's what to expect.

The guys at M Street have been gracious enough to host us in The Rosewall, a very cool private event facility tucked among their other treasures on McGavock. If driving, you'll pull in from 12th Ave and valet services are provided free, courtesy of Park Nashville.

When you check in, be sure to bring a valid ID that proves you're over 21. This is a booze event after all. We'll ask first-time guests who aren't on our mailing list to give their email, permitting them to become an automatic member of 3st of the Month. 

Then grab a glass and let the festivities begin. This month's 3st of the Month is presented in partnership with the Music City Food + Wine Festival, happening September 21 + 21 here in Nashville. They've worked with the chefs at M Street to get some great bites for the crowd and will be providing $1500 in tickets for us to give away a little later in the evening.

You also know you can drink with a conscience, as a portion from the proceeds of September's 3st will go to the Tiny But Might Fund, a great cause celebrating the unbreakable bonds between pups and their people, while raising awareness and funds for animal welfare and rescues.

But back to the drinking...the lineup of booze this month is nothing short of monumental. Here's what's scheduled to attend:

Angel’s Envy Bourbon - A delicious Bourbon finished in Port Wine barrels. You'll be able to try a special cocktail, just for the occasion.

Angel’s Envy Rye - This very limited Rye Whiskey is finished in Rum casks. Guests will be able to sample a sip of this highly-allocated spirit.

Belle Meade Bourbon - Nashville's own will be there whipping up a special cocktail for 3st Members. Meet the owners and hear about the developments in their new distillery in Marathon Village, opening this fall.

Four Roses Bourbon: Yellow Label, Small Batch and Single Barrel - A trio of great Bourbon and an excellent chance to compare the differences that maturity makes in a booze. Plus, there's a rumor of a "Bonfire of the Vanities" cocktail that's sure to impress.

Hibiki Japanese Blended Whiskey - If you're a lover of Scotch, you should try Hibiki. It's a artfully-blended whiskey from Japan that you'll have to taste to believe!

Hochstadter’s Slow & Low - We're excited to have these guys on board, and not just because they have pinups on the inside of the label. This "Rock & Rye" is essentially a cocktail in a bottle, but don't let that fool you, because this Rye Whiskey concoction packs a punch at 84 proof.

Jameson Black Barrel - New to Nashville, this special incarnation of Jameson is named for the deeply-charred oak barrels that impart flavors of charred wood, deep spice and exotic fruit to this rich and smooth Irish Whiskey.

Lock Stock & Barrel 13 Year Straight Rye Whiskey - There are moments that you should always remember. Getting to sample from a bottle of this 13-year Rye should be one of them. Retailing for between $125-150/bottle, this might be the only time you'll get to try this one, so savor every sip.

Old Forester Signature 100 Proof Whisky - Yeah, sure you've likely had Old Forester before. After all, it's been around for generations. But we're betting you have not had a taste of their Signature 100 Proof. They'll be whipping up a special cocktail just for the occasion.

TINCUP Whiskey - This Colorado-made whiskey is made from the cool water of the Rocky Mountains, but don't expect some silver bullet train here. It's a smooth, drinkable whiskey and the cocktail, the Gold Rush, is sure to be a crowd favorite, made with fresh lemon and honey syrup.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked - Just like it sounds, this special Bourbon takes the already incredible Woodford Reserve and ages it a second time in deeply-toasted oak barrels to extract even more soft, sweet oaky character. It would be a sin mix this stuff into a cocktail, so you'll be getting it either neat or with a single cube.

Yamazaki Japanese Single Malt Whisky 12 & 18 - Yamazaki is Suntory’s flagship single malt, multi-layered with fruit and Mizunara aroma. Its signature multi-layered taste is highly praised by whisky connoisseurs all over the world. You'll be enjoying both the 12 year and 18 year versions. Consider yourself lucky indeed.

But wait, you're not a lover of the brown booze? We have you covered too.

Yazoo is bringing a very special keg of Sly Rye Porter that was aged in Jim Beam Barrels. 

Wine will be provided by Mira Winery from Napa California. They'll have three delicious options to choose from; Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet.

But there's more to do than just drink and eat. We'll have a photo booth from Picture Booth, a great playlist (that we'll share for you to enjoy) and of course tons of great people. Before you leave, make sure you pick up one of this month's souvenir posters, courtesy of Moxie Print Market.


After all is said and done, the most important thing to us is your safety. Uber Nashville is extending a 10% discount to all 3st members with the code 3STWHISKEY. Please do not drink and drive!

But wait! We can't miss a chance to thank our incredible sponsors, without whom 3st of the Month would not be possible:

Liberty Party Rental

Moxie Print Market

M Street & The Rosewall

Nashville Audio Visual

Park Nashville

Picture Booth

SPEAKeasy Marketing

UBER Nashville


august 3st | what's in the works

It's crazy to imagine we're only a week away from officially launching 3st of the Month. While we've been active here online and on our Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts, everything about 3st actually revolves around the monthly events. 

Sunday, August 3st will be our first event. It's an invite-only event, but attending guests have quite a treat in store for them when they arrive to the new Hatchery event space at the ACME in Downtown Nashville. 

First off, they're going to have their friggin' minds blown by ACME. The space is beautiful, historic and just all-around cool as hell. We've all seen that building sitting empty downtown for years and to see the care that they put into doing this right is nothing short of heartwarming. But they're not just opening up the space for us, they'll also be providing some incredibly tasty treats and nibbles. 

When our guests arrive, they'll have to check in and show valid ID - it is a booze event after all. For those guests not already on our email list, they'll need to provide their email at check-in to activate their membership. And you know what they say, membership has its privileges. For every 3st event a member attends, they'll receive 3 new member invites to share with friends. Share carefully...invite the people you want to party with.

Every guest will receive a glass for the night. We'll have them set up special for the event, thanks to our friends at Liberty Party Rental. Liberty is one of our favorite event rental companies and are providing the tables, chairs, linens and glassware for August 3st. But hold on to your glass - it's yours for the night (but not to take home). We'll have a self-service 'hydration station' as well as a rinse station should you want to rinse your glass between cocktails. 

Speaking of cocktails...whoa. Get ready. Scheduled to attend our August 3st event are:

But after all this booze, we want you to be safe and responsible. Thanks to our friends at Uber, that's possible. They're offering FREE Black Car service (one way) to both new and existing users! Simply use the code ACME3ST to get the deal!

We want you to have more than just a hangover to remember us by. So before you go, be sure to leave your glass and pick up a souvenir poster, courtesy of our friends at Moxie Print Market

And be on the lookout for an email on August 5th. We'll not only be sharing info for our September 3st event, but we'll be sending recipes from the cocktails you sampled at the event and, most importantly, the link to use to invite 3 friends into 3st of the Month membership!


one month and counting

As we write this, it's exactly one month until the official launch of 3st of the Month. There's a ton of work to to until then, but things are coming together nicely as we prepare to introduce something new, fun and most importantly, chill to Nashville.

We're not trying to get all hoity-toity here. While some might say 3st is about cocktail culture, mixology or fine spirits, we like to think it's really just about booze

3st is your new favorite monthly holiday. It's an event dedicated to good times. On the “3st” of every month, we will gather to discover and rediscover what we love so much about one of life’s greatest simple pleasures: booze. Regardless of the day of the week, it will always be the same day of the plan accordingly. Request off from work. While you're at it, take off the 4th too. You'll need it. 

We'll partner with great brands, venues, restaurants, bars, bartenders, artists and community organizations to provide a opportunity to get some face-time with the friends that you often only see on your digital device. 

While the first 3st is an invitation-only event, you can contact us and request an invite. New applications will be accepted as space permits. In the meantime, follow us here online and on social and join us as we talk about booze.