Where is 3st Held and Who is the Non-Profit?

Every month, we look for unique spaces to host 3st. We like to bring you into a spot you might not normally go (like Riverwood Mansion) or a space you simply can't go (like the top of Renaissance Hotel during construction). But who are the people behind these amazing spaces? And, who are the non-profit leaders they choose?

We connected with Christian Paro of Studio 615 and Gary Gaston of Nashville Civic Design Center and talked Nashville, the coolest part of their jobs, and their favorite booze.

Tell me what makes your group so damn awesome?

Gary Gaston, NCDC

Gary Gaston, NCDC

Gary Gaston: NCDC is dedicated to envisioning the city. For 15 years we have served as a laboratory for new design ideas for Nashville. We even work with other cities across the country. But, I am most excited about our recent efforts to help implement amazing public space interventions. The city is a better, more livable place because of our work.

Christian Paro, Studio 615

Christian Paro: Studio 615 is one of the finest production facilities in the country.  The way it's designed with an all LED cyc room, sexy green rooms, thumping PA system, flex office space and great vehicular access for loading and unloading… Studio 615 can seamlessly transition from high-end photo and video productions to large scale events.



Christian, other than 3st of the Month (ahem), what are some other notable events or moments that have occurred at your space?

CP: We've hosted many different clients over the course of our first year, but most notable would be the opening night of Nashville Fashion Week, Carrie Underwood's Revlon photo shoot, Cage the Elephant, NEXT awards finalist reveal, and Creative Mornings.

Gary, what are some of your favorite buildings in Nashville?

Imperial House AKA "The Flying Nun"

GG: I have always been a fan of mid-century modernism. I lived at the Imperial House on West End (also known as the Flying Nun Building) when I first moved to Nashville – sorry to see that gem go. The bank building at 4th and Union is a current favorite – excited to see it is being renovated into a boutique hotel.

Ok, let’s get to the important stuff. What is your Favorite bar or watering hole in Nashville?

Family Wash on Main St in East Nashville

GG: I moved back to Germantown two years ago after living seven years in East Nashville, so I divide my time mostly between those two neighborhoods. Silo has become my neighborhood bar of choice. The drinks, staff and food are all amazing.

CP: Currently, my favorite spot is The Family Wash. We worked together on the buildout of the new space on Main Street and I've come to really enjoy the menu, food and drinks alike.  Plus, the owners and staff are just incredible people that deliver solid service every time.




What is your go-to drink?  

Classic Negroni

Spring Fling Cocktail

CP: Negroni. Equal parts gin, campari and sweet vermouth with a dash of bitters and orange peel.

GG: For hosting a cocktail party in the spring or summer I serve Spring Flings. In a large pitcher combine 1 ½ cup sugar, 2 cups fresh squeezed lemon juice, slices of lemon, 1 cucumber thinly sliced, 1 cup fresh mint, 2 cups vodka (to taste). Let this sit for 30 minutes and stir to dissolve sugar, and add soda water and ice – garnish with lemon, mint and cucumber. Fresh, crisp and fun!

Thanks to these guys for taking the time to talk with us. Meet them, learn more about what they do, and share a drink on July 3rd. 

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