Shit we love: Ancho Reyes

You might have noticed Ancho Reyes just keeps on finding its way into our recipes (or tasted it for yourself at our August "Anni3stary" event). 

That's because it's shit we love. It's a crazy-versatile ancho chile liqueur inspired by a 1920's recipe found in the town of Puebla Zaragoza, Mexico. The ancho chiles used to flavor the liqueur are hand-selected, dried, scissor sliced, and then soaked in a neutral cane spirit for six months in iron vats. But it does not stop there. After straining, they blend it and age it to allow the flavors to combine even further. Their careful process results in a robust flavor that's both sweet and smokey while also carrying a warm heat thats not overpowering. 

This liqueur makes our favorites list not just because of its delicious taste, but also because of the complexity and depth of flavor it easily adds to so many cocktails. This shit plays great with others too. Whether it be tequila, mezcal, dark rum, and even whiskey and gin, you can add a little or a lot for entirely different results. If you don't already have a bottle yourself, go get one. You can bet it won't be an addition to your bar you regret. A bottle doesn't last very long on ours...

Here's a few of our favorite Ancho Reyes cocktails.