shit we love: stiegl radler

The Maintainer. That's what we like to call the refreshing grapefruit soda-meets-beer Stiegl Radler. With only about 3% abv, it's not the drink you're going to use to get a buzz - but damn, it's pretty perfect for maintaing one on a hot summer day!

While it's been in the market here in the states for a few years, Stiegl launched their rebranded cans in 2013 and have been making huge inroads into the American market. One taste and you will see why. 

The name 'radler' actually translates to 'cyclist.' Stiegl originally developed this product for Austrian cyclists looking for a refreshing beer they could take on rides. It pours with a cloudy light yellow color, due in part to the real grapefruit juice that's added. With a blend of 60% soda and 40% beer, the beer flavor is subtle, finishing with a sweet bready flavor. The carbonation is light and the head dissipates quickly. But chill this can down nice and good and you'll be chugging them down. 

But don't just limit yourself to drinking this one by itself. We've successfully used it as a mixer over ice with tequila, gin and vodka - taking it from the Maintainer to the Asskicker.