141st Running of the Kentucky Derby

The tradition, the horses, the hats and the BOOZE of the Kentucky Derby

With the Kentucky Derby coming up this weekend, it's only fitting to dedicate a quick guest blog post from Tom Melchior of Mountain to the tradition...and the drinking.

For a native Louisvillian, skipping Derby Weekend is the worst. The simple energy in the city during the weekend is unrivaled, tons of folks who are extremely proud of an incredible tradition, the greatest two minutes in sports. People dress up, wear ridiculous hats, try to meet celebrities, lose money, win money and sit in a ton of traffic. The tradition itself is what makes the event so enticing. I personally love watching an underdog walk away with the $2 Million Dollar guarantee.

I have since moved South and cannot always get back for the races, especially now that we have the 3st tradition in place. Since Sunday will be full of mezcal, tequila and overall south of the border vibes, sit on the porch this weekend with a Mint Julep and watch the Kentucky Derby. Since 1938, people have been celebrating the races with this cocktail.

The Mint Julep is a quintessential southern cocktail. An extremely simple, yet delicious drink. On Derby Day, over 150,000 Mint Juleps will be served at Churchill Downs, traditionally always made with Early Times. Take our recipe below and make some cocktails for friends on Derby Day. Write out all the horses names on pieces of paper, put them in a hat and have folks put in $5 a horse and pick them randomly. Good luck!

Watch the Derby

*Fun Fact,  On Derby Day, you can purchase a special Mint Julep for $1,000 at the races, made with Woodford Reserve inside a pewter numbered mug with a sterling silver Woodford straw. Each cup is hand carved and there are only a few made every year.