Pressing Pause


When we set out on this boozy adventure back in the summer of 2014, we had no idea how much fun we would have. We've discovered (and rediscovered) amazing booze brands in some of the coolest locations in Nashville - and raised tens of thousands of dollars for local charities in the process. But at our Tikitober event on Saturday night we announced we were pressing pause on our monthly events for a moment. Why? Let us explain. 

We rely on local distributors and their suppliers to donate their top-shelf spirits for each 3st of the Month. We're entering into the busiest time of the year for the liquor industry and that makes it much more difficult to have the best products at our events. But that's not the only reason.

The whole model of 3st of the Month requires a lot of moving pieces to fall into place. And that requires a lot of work. It usually starts several months in advance with securing a venue large enough to accommodate our growing audience. We ask that venue to donate their space and, in exchange, they get to select the charity that the event will benefit. As we gain more and more members, we work to find larger venues so we can sell more tickets to accommodate the demand. But larger venues and more tickets means a need for more tables and more top-shelf products. Just the time spent working to secure and schedule dozens of products each month is a full time job unto itself. Except the thing is, we already have full-time jobs.

Basically, as our events have grown, so have the challenges that come with putting them on. We love what 3st of the Month has grown into, but we have to find a way to make the monthly events sustainable for the future. 

So we're pressing pause and taking some time away from our monthly events to regroup and reassess. We're investigating options like sponsorship to fund a full-time event manager and even looking into creating our own non profit organization to streamline our process and maximize the impact we can make locally. In the meantime, we'll still keep in touch via email and social - and continue to share cocktail recipes, shit we love, and some very cool pop-up event invitations. Basically, all the member-only, insider info you deserve and we love to pass on. 

So hold tight, our monthly events will be back. But if you have any thoughts or suggestions for us in the meantime, we'd love to hear them. Thanks for your support, Nashville.


Introducing the 3st Stocked Bar

As we approach our one year anniversary of 3st of the Month, we're excited to introduce some new elements to the 3st experience. . . 

The first of these is the "3st Stocked Bar," where each month, someone attending the event will have an opportunity to WIN a bottle of every product served that month! Seriously, that's a TON of booze! 

Starting this August, each ticket to 3st of the Month will include a raffle ticket that you'll be given at check-in. Once you're at the event, you can also purchase additional tickets (cash only), with 100% of those funds going to that month's charity. These extra raffle tickets will vary from $5-10, depending on the products that are included, but you're looking at a prize package of anywhere between 20-50 bottles each month! Our hope is this will help us raise even more money for great local causes. 

We'll announce the 3st Stocked Bar raffle winner each month during our mid-point event announcements and you must be present to win (so pay attention when we're on the mic!). Products will be included in the prize package subject to availability. 

throw your own 3st this july

After almost a full year of putting on some incredible boozy gatherings every month on the 3rd (or 3st) of the month, we're taking this July off. 

We've planned this all along, knowing that July is a crazy month for everyone and that we would be ready for a break. And while we're already working on our big return in August (and other upcoming months), we figured it would only be right to invite you to host your own 3st of the Month this July. 

We pulled inspiration from fireworks and created new cocktails that are perfect for the holiday and drinking during the summer months. Be they red, white, blue or just plain boozy, they're all pretty darn good. So, gather a few friends, pick a few (or even all) of these drinks below, put on our special playlist of new summer music and PARTY like it's the 3st of the Month!

We'll see you in August!

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Thrillist recently published a list of the top Nashville Instagram accounts you should be following. Guess what? We're in the list!

Instagram has always been on of our favorite platforms and if you don't follow us there, you should.

We're posting daily updates about our events, recipes and plenty of other random shit.

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one month and counting

As we write this, it's exactly one month until the official launch of 3st of the Month. There's a ton of work to to until then, but things are coming together nicely as we prepare to introduce something new, fun and most importantly, chill to Nashville.

We're not trying to get all hoity-toity here. While some might say 3st is about cocktail culture, mixology or fine spirits, we like to think it's really just about booze

3st is your new favorite monthly holiday. It's an event dedicated to good times. On the “3st” of every month, we will gather to discover and rediscover what we love so much about one of life’s greatest simple pleasures: booze. Regardless of the day of the week, it will always be the same day of the plan accordingly. Request off from work. While you're at it, take off the 4th too. You'll need it. 

We'll partner with great brands, venues, restaurants, bars, bartenders, artists and community organizations to provide a opportunity to get some face-time with the friends that you often only see on your digital device. 

While the first 3st is an invitation-only event, you can contact us and request an invite. New applications will be accepted as space permits. In the meantime, follow us here online and on social and join us as we talk about booze.