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3st of the Month | March 2015 Recap

The heavy rain in Nashville did not wash away our drive to DRINK LOCAL for our March 3st of the Month. Hundreds of our members and guests braved the storm to trek out to SPEAKeasy Spirits Distillery in West Nashville. Having never been open to the public for tours, the crowd was eager to see what was in store at this local distillery. 

Once stepping inside, they quickly realized that the night was more than just about drinking local. We had great local grub from Porter Road Butcher and a specially-curated playlist of all local artists to keep the party bumpin' through the night. 

The distillery was transformed thanks to the work from Nashville Audio Visual, who hung whiskey barrel chandeliers and projected patterns of light onto the ceiling and floor. The walls were lined with tables of great local booze and beer (see the full list below), and the crowd was not shy about trying as many offerings their liver could handle. And everyone could drink in good conscience knowing the proceeds from the ticket sales were being donated to the Tennessee Distillers Guild.

Folks even had a chance to try things that have never even been tasted by the public. SPEAKeasy rolled out the red carpet by sampling two of their freshly-distilled unaged white whiskeys (in the form of jell-o shots, no less) and three flavors of the soon-to-be-released (TOP SECRET) vodka - plain vodka, blood orange and blueberry, both flavored with real fruit juice. Yazoo brought their brand new Spring Bock for folks to try. Beechtree Distillery brought all kinds of goodies from his newly-opened distillery. And everyone brought their a-game with crazy good cocktails!

Check out the video recap from "Drink Local"

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listen and drink

It's cold in Nashville. Damn cold. So fucking cold that people are staying inside instead of heading out on the town. So you know what that means? House party!

That's right. Just stay at home and drink. Break out the booze, invite the neighbors and break off some icicles to chill your cocktails. Oh, and crank up the stereo. 

Every month we put together a different Spotify playlist for our events with music themed to the occasion. There's songs about drinking, songs for celebrating and more songs about drinking. 

And while we often share those playlists in our post-event blog posts, we figured now is as good a time as any to share them all! 

Go ahead, check them all out below. Turn up the speakers, make a few cocktails and get cozy in the warmth of your own home. 

The Sounds of Bubbles

Listen to the sounds of 3st of the Month: Bubbles!

Our December 3st of the Month was all about BUBBLES - be it Champagne or Cava, Prosecco or even some good ol' Miller High Life. 

As you certainly know by now, every month we take the party to a different venue in town. When we knew that December's event was going to at the beautiful new City Winery, we knew we had to take advantage of their incredible performance space with a live music performance, bookended with a custom playlist of classic Christmas tunes. 

Jason Eskridge took the stage and immediately stopped the crowd dead in their tracks. He and his band played an incredible assortment of songs, each sounding better than the next. More than once the crowd had to double-check to make sure what they were hearing was indeed live, as the shit sounded that damn good.

We've had a ton of folks ask about him, so we figured we'd share his info, as well as the playlist for your own Holiday gatherings. 

Jason Eskridge on SoundCloud
Jason Eskridge on Facebook
Jason Eskridge on REVERBNATION