a really good friday indeed

You know by now how we like to mix things up from month to month. Our April 3st of the Month just happened to fall on Good Friday, so we knew we had to make it special. As usual, the planning began months in advance but everything came together when we found the space. Towering above downtown Nashville, the CitySpace offices are housed above the Renaissance Hotel. Lucky for us, they're in the middle of remodeling and had gutted the 30th floor and were eager to host our boozy group on a Friday night. The generosity of CitySpace helped us raise even more funds for our charity partners. See a 360-degree tour of the space here

This month we were able split the proceeds from the night with two local causes. The Nashville Fashion Forward Fund is dedicated to supporting the next generation of fashion industry professionals with ties to Middle Tennessee. Their their annual event, Nashville Fashion Week, fosters Nashville's heralded community spirit, and our concentration of creative, fashion-forward and entrepreneurial talent, to create a one-of-a-kind event that is uniquely Nashville. NFW 2015 takes place April 7-11. Learn more and get your tickets to NFW here. The second cause, Nashville Cares, has provided education and direct services in Nashville since 1985. Originally created to help raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, they now work with many communities in Nashville providing prevention education and reach 45,000 youth and adults annually. Learn more about Nashville cares here.

As if the thunderstorm and tornado sirens going off an hour before start time didn't add enough suspense to the night, the event was held in a secret location. Ticket holders got an email with a map and instructions that led them down an alley where they would meet a security guard who would put them on a freight elevator to head up to the party. After following a series of arrows, they checked in, grabbed a glass and entered what might just be our most memorable location yet. Raw concrete floors, industrial beams and exposed ceilings were balanced with chandeliers from Nashville Audio Visual, and all the grape-themed booze your liver could handle.

Seeing as April is also National Grilled Cheese Month, it seemed only natural to have Nashville's favorite food truck folks, The Grilled Cheeserie, offering up special bites for the night. The crew excelled (even while cooking on makeshift equipment!) by offering a trio of tasty goodies. The Grilled Cheeserie is celebrating Grilled Cheese Month with a series of "Chef De Grilled Cheese Melts," created in partnership with some of Nashville's favorite local chefs. Lucky for us, we got to try one as part of the night's menu:

  • Josh Habiger's "Chef de Grilled Cheese" Melt: Sharp Cheddar, Tennshootoe, Apple, Fernet Jam on Pain de Mie
  • Plain Ol' Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup: Buttercup Cheese, Black Pepper + Duke's Mayo on Bobby John Henry "White Bread", House Pickle || Served over our Classic Creamy Tomato Soup "Shot"
  • PB+J Pudding: Creamy Peanut Butter Pudding, Port Wine Grape Geleè, Peanut Brittle

Of course we had plenty of fine wines to sip on (we'll get to those in a second), but we also had Copper & Kings Brandy (with their craft distilled, "immature" and absinthe blanche varieties), Angel's Envy Bourbon (finished in port wine barrels, of course), Ciroc Vodka (it's made from grapes!), Alexander Grappa and a fruity Prosecco cocktail made with Viniq and La Marca Prosecco. But that's not all... there was also a special grape-themed beer cocktail from Jackalope and even adult grape SnoKones from Tito's Vodka. We even had two fun wine-meets-moonshine offerings from Spodee, where we simply paired them with seltzer for easy cocktails.

As for the wines, there were a total of 16 different wines to try. If you were there, we've grouped them below in the same way there were set at tables, so you can find all your favorites. 


As you know, we could not do this event without our incredible sponsors. 100% of the proceeds from each event go directly to local causes. From the venue to the posters, our sponsors help reduce the costs of hosting 3st of the Month so we're able to give even more to our charity partners. Please say "thanks" to these fine folks!

CitySpace (our amazing venue host!)
Emma Email Marketing
Food Sheriff Consumable Branding
Generation Domination
Liberty Party Rental
Mountain Agency
Moxie Print Market
Nashville Audio Visual
SPEAKeasy Marketing
UBER Nashville

shit we love: grappa

Grappa the Great | 3st of the Month

Our April 3st of the Month is "all about the grapes." Of course, most folks think that means wine...and while we'll have plenty of wine on hand, it's not all we'll be serving. We're thrilled to showcase of our favorite types of Grappa, Alexander Grappa

 It's pretty obvious where wine comes from. Grapes, of course. Depending on the variety, it can be made from the just the juice or sometimes with whole crushed grapes. All too often, there's heaps and heaps of leftover grape solids (aka "pomace") just sitting around after wine making. So what's a Italian left to do but make booze from it!?

That's where Grappa comes in. Grappa originated in Italy as a pomace brandy, made from the skin, seeds, pulp and stems left over after making wine. This starting pomace can be unfermented if coming from white wine production, partially-fermented when coming from rosé wine production, or damn near fully-fermented when removed from red wine production. Either way, it's left to sit and continue to ferment in large tanks before being distilled to create the spirit that becomes Grappa.

The Alexander Family of Grappa

The Alexander Family of Grappa

Let's be clear - pomace brandy can come from anywhere, but true Grappa comes from Italy. To be called Grappa, it can only be made with pomace - no water can be added. Funny enough, there's actually an Italian law that requires winemakers to sell their grape pomace to Grappa producers. Like with wine, Grappa can take on many different characteristics of the different grapes used in production as well as the distilling techniques. Unlike many other types of brandy, Grappa is rarely aged, so it's typically crystal-clear.

In Italy, it's most often consumed as a digestif, sipped after a meal to aid in digestion. But this ain't Italy. It's Nashville. A drinking town with a music problem. So we're planning on doing more than just sippin' the stuff! We're playing with fun cocktails, shots and more... to find out what we'll be serving next Friday, you'll just have to be there!