Rum for Days

Today, Sunday August 16, is National Rum Day.

Seriously, only one day? Rum should at least have a whole month! You see, we kinda love rum. Regardless of whether it's white, brown or yellow, rum is one of those spirits that just doesn't get the love it deserves.

After all, it was RUM that helped us get through Prohibition. Just because the laws shut down (legal) production of booze here in the states, that did not mean other countries had to stop. And folks ("rum runners") would bring this sugarcane spirit up from the tropics where we discovered the joys of a good rum buzz. 

Through the months, we've been lucky to have some seriously amazing rums participate in 3st of the Month. And through that time, we've whipped up a ton of rum-based cocktails. So, it seems only fitting to share some (30!) of those with you on this most sacred of days. Drink up!

a do-rum-rum, a do-rum-rum

Saturday, August 16th is National Rum Day. We didn't make this shit up. 

We here at 3st have talked before about the soft spot we have for rum. It just never seems to get the love it deserves!

Well, we're here to change that. In honor of National Rum Day, we would like to officially announce that our October 3st of the Month theme is . . . TIKI DRINKS! Yeah, yeah, we know, not all tiki drinks are made with rum. But some damn good ones are!

So, to tide you over until October 3st, here are some of our favorite rum drinks. Get to it!