Around the Fire

Every now and then it's nice to have a cocktail that you can savor and sip on (not that we don't love shots). 

This is that cocktail.

Made with Woodford Reserve Double Oaked (served at our September 3st of the Month if you recall), this is definitely a drink to sip on. We added just a few simple elements to team with the rich and colorful flavor of the Woodford; Domain de Canton Ginger Liqueur, Averna Amaro and a little sorghum syrup. 

We suggest serving this one with an ice ball, but if you don't have one, we would wager it's still going to be pretty tasty.



cocktail mixing glass
bar spoon
rocks glass
ice ball maker


2 oz Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon
.5 oz Averna Amaro
.5 oz Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur
.25 oz sorghum syrup (equal parts sorghum and water)



Fill cocktail mixing glass with ice and add Woodford and remaining ingredients. Stir to chill for about 15 seconds and strain into rocks glass over ice ball.