Nutty Family Cocktail

We all know them. The crazy cat lady, the smelly guy that refuses to take a shower more than once a season. Chances are, you're probably related to them. It's with that in mind that we present this Thanksgiving-friendly cocktail, the Nutty Family.

Cathead Vodka's Pecan Vodka defies what you think of flavored vodkas. It's not cloyingly sweet or overpowering and is very mixable. We paired it with a little citrus and the deep, rich flavor of pomegranate molasses to make this boozy beverage that might just help you deal with that family of yours. 



cocktails shaker
rocks glass


2 oz Cathead Vodka Pecan Vodka
.5 oz pomegranate molasses (found in ethnic food stores)
1 oz Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao (buy this stuff. it's good)
2 dashes black walnut bitters
cinnamon stick



Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice (except the cinnamon stick, it's for garnish, silly). Shake to chill and strain into rocks glass with fresh ice. Now you can add that cinnamon stick.