Scotch Cask Herradura

Okay, so we admit this isn't really much of a cocktail and it's certainly not a hard recipe - if it's even a recipe at all, but we loved this combo so much that it was worth sharing. 

Simply put, this tequila drinks like a whiskey - which means sip it.

Herradura released the Coleccion de la Casa, Reserva 2014 – Scotch Cask Finish Reposado earlier this Fall - the third in a line of small batch products. This limited-edition tequila undergoes a double maturation process resting in two different types of oak casks, American oak and single malt Scotch casks. The result? Exactly what you'd expect - a balance of great tequila with scotch-like notes of caramel and smoke. 

While it's certainly damn fine right out of the bottle, we suggest you try this one additional step and see if you don't enjoy it as much as we do!



a glass. think you can handle that?


3 oz Herradura Scotch Cask Finish Reposado Tequila
strip of orange zest



Pour the tequila into the glass. Using a lighter, pass the flame across the skin of the strip orange peel to warm it. Hold the lighter over the glass and squeeze the peel to express oils into the glass (and flame). After flaming the peel, drop it into the glass.