Lavender & Lemon

While some flower waters are easy to purchase, some are easy to make. Lavender water is essentially made with either a few drops of extract into water or, like we did, by steeping a tablespoon of organic (food quality) lavender blooms in boiling water for five minutes. The floral notes of lavender are a natural pairing with gin - making a little cocktail orgy of sorts. Trust us.

To help round out the flavors of this one, we've added a touch of fresh lemon for acidity and a little Eli Mason gomme syrup for sweetness and mouthfeel. Like with many boozy drinks, you want to stir this rather than shake it, as shaking will rapidly dilute the drink and the aeration from shaking can dull the flavor. With that in mind, we've also served this with an ice ball to add chill but cut down on the surface area that the drink comes in contact with. Ours was made from the spherical ice maker from the Whiskey Ice Co. in Dallas, Texas. We'll elaborate on the difference some day soon in our booze blog, but until then trust us when we say an ice ball maker is NOT the same as an ice ball mold, which produces inferior ice balls that crack and split (making the whole point of using one pointless if you ask us).



cocktail mixing glass
bar spoon
ice ball or large ice cube
rocks glass


2.5 oz Prairie Organic Spirits' Gin
.25 oz Eli Mason gomme syrup
.5 oz fresh lemon juice
.5 oz lavender water
strip of lemon peel for garnish



In a cocktail mixing glass with a 5-6 ice cubes, add the gin, gomme syrup, lemon juice and lavender water. Stir for 20-30 seconds to chill. Place ice ball in your chilled rocks glass and pour cocktail over the ice into the glass. Express oils from peel over glass and place in the drink. Sip and enjoy responsibly.