The Rosey

Flower waters have been around for centuries. Originally used for their fresh fragrances, they started making their way into food and drinks as early as the 16th Century. While they may not be commonplace in most kitchens, keeping a few flower waters on hand will surely lead to a future of more flavorful cocktails and desserts.

Rose water, also called rose flower water or rose blossom water, is the by product of the distillation of roses for rose oil. While the oil goes into perfumes, the water is used for everything from baklava to religious ceremonies. Look for it online at Amazon or in your local Middle Eastern market. 

In this cocktail, we paired it with bourbon, Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon to be precise. The existing floral notes of the bourbon pair exceptionally with this boozy cocktail. While we chose to make it with splash of seltzer, you could also enjoy it more 'old fashioned' style with a single large ice cube or strained and served neat.



cocktail mixing glass
bar spoon
double old fashioned glass


2 oz Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon
.25 oz Rose Water (easily found in Middle Eastern markets at Amazon)
.25 oz Lemoncello liqueur
.5 oz sweet vermouth
2 oz seltzer
Luxardo Maraschino cherry (with syrup) for garnish



Chill glass and start making the cocktail by filling your cocktail mixing glass with a few ice cubes. Pour bourbon, rose water, lemoncello and vermouth into glass. Stir for 30 seconds to chill. Place a few ice cubes in your chilled double old fashioned glass and strain cocktail into glass. Pour seltzer on top and garnish with delicious Luxardo cherry or two and a few drops of the sweet cherry syrup.