Farmer John

Moonshine is a much more versatile mixer than most would ever think. From a flavor component, it falls somewhere between whiskey and vodka, with far more flavor than vodka, yet brighter, younger flavors than whiskey. 

For those of us that grew up in the rural south, our memories of moonshine run deep. It takes us back to sitting around campfires taking sips right out of the jar (and maybe mixing it with some Sun Drop a time or two). We created the Farmer John to show that moonshine deserves a lot more street cred for cocktails than it gets. Here the un-aged corn whiskey nuances of American Born Moonshine pair perfectly with the fresh, vegetal flavors of the Farmer John.

If you don't have access to Eli Mason Mint Julep cocktail mixer, sub it out with simple syrup and some fresh mint before shaking.



cocktail shaker
rocks glass


2 oz American Born Moonshine
.5 oz Eli Mason Mint Julep Cocktail Mixer
3 leaves fresh basil
1/4 fresh lime, cut into chunks
1 inch slice fresh cucumber, cut into chunks
2 oz fresh-juiced carrot juice
ucumber slice and sprig of basil for garnish



Begin by muddling the cucumber, lime and basil in the bottom of your cocktail shaker to release flavors. Pour in the moonshine, mint julep syrup and carrot juice. Add 4-6 ice cubes and shake the shit out of it for about 30 seconds. Pour into chilled glass and garnish with a slice of cucumber and sprig of fresh basil.