We'll admit it. We're a big fan of booze that makes us feel good about ourselves as people. You know, when the proceeds from some bottle of wine go towards a great cause it makes you feel like a little less of lush. 

Prairie Organic Spirits is such a company. Like it says on their website, "Prairie is made 100% organic by farmers who own the land, the distillery, and the quiet respect of all around them. They are the craftsmen behind Prairie spirits, plowing a new road towards purposeful quality. And just like other craftsmen, they have names. Names that you can know. Names like Little Big Man. And this is how they grow corn to make spirits.

You can't help but think as you slurp this cocktail down that you just bought some farmer kid's way to ag school. Like we said, we're givers.



cocktail shaker
martini glass


2 oz Prairie Organic Spirits Cucumber Vodka
.5 oz Domaine De Canton Ginger Liqueur
.25 oz melon liqueur
.25 oz fresh lemon juice
6-8 leaves of fresh mint



In a cocktail shaker, add all ingredients, reserving one mint leaf for garnish. Fill with ice and shake the hell out of it for 30 seconds. Strain into a chilled martini glass and float a mint leaf on top to garnish.