The Heartichoke

If you follow us on Instagram, you know we friggin' LOVE a good Negroni cocktail. The classic is made with equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and Campari - and typically garnished with twist of orange. While some things can't be improved on, there's nothing wrong with trying a few variations every now and then.

When we tasted the subtle flavors of Prairie Organic Gin, the first thought was that it was perfect for a classic martini. Unlike a Negroni, a gin martini is made with dry vermouth. This got us thinkin' - what about trying out a Negroni with Prairie, working to make a softer palate of flavors? We're on that case like a hangover on Saturday morning.

This seemed like the perfect excuse to break out the Cynar. Actually owned by the Campari Group, Cynar is also bitter aperitif but gets its flavor from artichokes and about 13 other natural botanicals. 



cocktail mixing glass
bar spoon
old fashioned glass


1 oz Prairie Organic Gin
1 oz Cynar 
1 oz dry vermouth
strip of lemon zest for garnish



Place 4-5 ice cubes in your mixing glass and add the booze. Give it a good stir to chill before straining it into a chilled rocks glass (with or without ice). Express the peel over the drink and drop it in there to garnish.