Barefoot Banana

We love a good Tiki drink at 3st. There's just something fun about silly glasses, tiny umbrellas and tropical flavors. Someone recently gave us a bottle of Blue Chair Bay Banana Rum to try. Before you go running for the hills, let us promise you that this is not some banana-laffy-taffy-make-you-wanna-gag flavor. It is subtle in flavor and downright tasty. 

We paired the banana rum with two other rums - black and light - and then added flavors of citrus, coconut and ginger. Coconut syrup can be found online or in many local specialty food stores. Needless to say, it did not last long before we were off to make another round! 



cocktail shaker
tiki cup


2 oz Blue Chair Bay Banana Rum
.5 oz black rum
.5 oz light rum
.5 oz lime juice
.5 oz coconut syrup
4 oz ginger beer



in a cocktail shaker with 5-6 ice cubes, add all three rums, lime juice and coconut syrup. Shake the shit out of it for 45 seconds. Add ginger beer and transfer entire contents to a chilled tiki mug. Add more ice to fill the glass and garnish with fresh lime.