Biting Burro

Seems that everywhere you turn these days there's some interpretation of a Moscow Mule. You know...something and ginger beer. While this boozy beverage ain't quite a mule, it does have some great ginger kick from a ginger syrup we discovered by Mixer Elixer. Their Wild Ginger syrup packs a punch and mixes great with many things, especially tequila as we discovered. 

Tequila gets a bad rep thanks to those shots of shitty tequila you did in your college days. News Flash: you're not in college anymore and it's time to discover good tequila. While there are a million brands out there that we love, one thing is true of all of them: 100% blue agave. Look for it. 

We didn't want this one to be too sweet, so it's got a splash of another 3st favorite - Aperol. Part of the Campari portfolio, it's an Italian aperitif that's bright orange in color with a secret recipe of herbs, roots and citrus and has less bitterness than some others...but, damn if it don't mix like a champ! Just half an ounce added can cut through sweetness and round out the palate on cocktail. 



collins glass
cocktail glass
bar spoon
chipped ice


2 oz good-quality blanco tequila
.5 oz Aperol 
.5 oz Mixer Elixer Wild Ginger syrup*
.5 oz fresh lime juice
4 oz seltzer
fresh ginger and lime for garnish


In a mixing glass, combine your booze, ginger syrup, lime juice and seltzer. Add a few ice cubes and lightly stir 20-30 seconds to chill...don't get aggressive now, you want to keep the fizz from the seltzer. Fill your glass with chipped ice and strain your cocktail into the glass. Garnish with a thin slice of fresh ginger and lime. Kick back and enjoy, responsibly please.

*note: if you can't get your hands on ginger syrup, you can make your own by steeping fresh ginger in hot water before making a simple syrup or swap out the seltzer in this cocktail for ginger beer.