Bollywood Cocktail

Vodka. It's not just for Jell-O shots anymore. Here, when paired with some other great ingredients, it acts as the perfect vehicle, creating one hell of a refreshing surprise. Just a pinch of turmeric gives the color, while the infamous Lillet Blanc gives it depth and White Whale's Your Older Brother syrup adds further dimension, with notes of siberian fir and sweet orange. 

It should be noted that Lillet is something you'll see us use from time to time. There are three main varieties - Blanc, Rouge and Rosé. While the recipe for each is different, it's essentially an aperitif composed of about 85% wine and 15% macerated citrus liqueurs. While Lillet Rouge uses merlot grapes, Lillet Blanc uses sémillon as the main grape variety, giving a smooth fruit-forward taste. Go buy some...every well-stocked bar should have it. 

Before we go any further, let us warn you...this one is VERY drinkable. 



cocktail glass
bar spoon
rocks glass


1.5 oz vodka
1.5 oz Lillet Blanc
.5 oz White Whale Your Older Brother 
2-3 dashes lemon bitters
2 oz seltzer
pinch ground turmeric
fresh basil to garnish



Prep your glass by pre-chilling it with ice. In your cocktail mixer, add vodka and turmeric. Stir to chill before adding seltzer. Discard ice from your rocks glass and transfer contents of mixing glass into rocks glass. Garnish with fresh basil.