Prairie Peach Cocktail

Here in Nashville, we're fortunate to have The Peach Truck, a great little business that brings the best damn peaches you've ever tasted straight from the farm in Georgia to Nashville. Sadly, peach season will come to an end in a couple weeks, so we figured we better take advantage of it while we still can!

We've paired the juicy peach with fresh basil and Prairie Organic Gin. Like many muddled fruit cocktails, this one is shaken to help further release the flavors. But after that, we like to strain it. This keeps the bits and pieces out of the cocktail, allowing you to just get the best part - the flavor.


Muddled peaches and basil pair with gin for the Prairie Peach Cocktail from 3st of the Month


cocktail shaker
fine mesh strainer
rocks glass


1.5 oz Prairie Organic Gin
.5 oz Peach Brandy
.5 oz Peachcello liqueur (or peach schnaps) 
2 dashes peach bitters
fresh peach
fresh basil
splash of club soda (optional)


Add 2-3 basil leaves and 1/4 of a fresh peach to the bottom of your cocktail shaker. Muddle to release flavors before adding gin, brandy, peach liqueur and peach bitters. Fill with ice and shake vigorously to chill. Strain into chilled rocks glass with a few ice cubes and garnish with a slice of peach and bit of basil. If you prefer, top with a spash of club soda.