By Any Other Name

Homemade syrups are a great way to add a little somethin' extra to your boozy cocktails. Even better, they're crazy simple to make and tons-o-fun to experiment with. With any syrup, you're essentially making a flavored simple syrup. Simple syrup got that name for a reason - it's basically equal parts sugar and water. To make a flavored syrup, bring your water to a boil and infuse the flavors before adding sugar. In this case, we used a delicious rose syrup. Organic dried roses can be ordered online, or you could opt to add rose water instead (though you won't get the deep ruby color that you get from using real roses). Once made, keep your syrup refrigerated until needed. 

One thing to keep in mind when using syrups is to balance the sweetness with other flavors like acidity and bitterness. This can be done with fresh juices and, of course, more booze. Campari is one of the most popular bitter liqueurs. Invented in the 1800's in Italy, it's an aperitif that's infused with herbs and fruit to give it its distinctive flavor. An essential ingredient in two of our all-time favorite drinks the Negroni and Boulevardier, it's a great addition to this one below.



mixing glass
bar spoon
fine mesh strainer
cocktail glass


.25 oz fresh lemon juice
.5 oz
.5 oz sweet vermouth
.5 oz rose syrup
1.5 oz Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon
1-2 dashes Angostura Bitters



Chill your glass with some ice. Add the booze, lemon, bitters and syrup to a cocktail glass with a few ice cubes. Stir for 20-30 seconds. Discard glass from ice and strain drink through a fine mesh strainer into the glass. Enjoy responsibly.