Cowboy Coffee Cocktail

We admit it. People can get a little obsessed over the ice for their cocktails. The thing is, we actually think it makes a difference. There's the issues of surface area, water quality, etc...all of which impact the taste of your cocktail. 

But as much fuss as folks make over ice, rarely do you see them experimenting with freezing anything other than water for their cocktails. Yeah, this seems obvious, but follow us here. What if you add bitters to your ice? Or freeze lemonade for a bourbon drink? What about black coffee? 

Well, that's exactly what we did here. Using one of our September 3st of the month partners, TINCUP Whiskey from Colorado, we built a boozy cocktail meant for enjoying with black coffee ice cubes. Before you complain, all you have to do is put some coffee in the damn freezer people. It's that simple. Get a tray...fill with chilled (strong) black coffee...and freeze. 


Made with TINCUP Whiskey and black coffee ice cubes, the Cowboy Coffee Cocktail is one to try!


cocktail mixing glass
bar spoon
double old fashioned glass


2 oz TINCUP Whiskey
.75 oz sweet vermouth
2 dashes orange bitters
1 barspoon of cherry syrup (from Luxardo Maraschino Cherries)
black coffee ice cubes
orange zest and Luxardo cherry for garnish


In a cocktail mixing glass with ice, stir whiskey, vermouth, bitters and cherry syrup to chill. Place a few black coffee ice cubes in your glass and strain cocktail into glass. Garnish with orange zest and cherry.