Corn n' Oil

Everyone loves a classic. Especially a classic cocktail. The tiki-like Corn n' Oil cocktail has a history that goes back for generations, yet still seems hazy, as there are many arguments over the origin and exact recipe.

Frankly, we don't really give a shit where it comes from, 'cause this damn drink is delicious! The odd name likely comes from the look of dark rum floating on top of the clear Falernum. We've used Falernum before, but it's worth another mention.

Originating from the Barbados, Falernum can either be a syrup or, in this case, a low-proof liqueur. Regardless if it's got booze or not, one thing is for sure - it is packed with flavors of lime, clove and almond. Now, of course there's some disagreement in this area too, as some recipes also add ginger, but you get the point. This shit is delicious and you should have some in your liquor cabinet.



rocks glass
crushed ice


2 oz Velvet Falernum
1.75 oz blackstrap rum
2 dashes Angostura bitters
2 wedges fresh lime


Fill your glass with crushed ice. Pour falernum directly into the glass and float the rum on top. Add bitters and squeeze lime wedges into cocktail. Serve and mix quickly before drinking.