Bourbon Basil Julep

It's always funny to watch someone try a mint julep for the first time. For some reason folks think the dainty presentation and mint garnish make it lady-like, but in reality it's quite the booze bomb. But it's a damn good one, that's for sure.

If you're like us, your garden basil is looking a little more like kudzu at this time of year - taking over the garden and smothering everything in sight. Yes, a batch of pesto is a good answer, but save some for this cocktail - trust us.

We made ours with Gomme Syrup from Eli Mason because we like the extra velvety touch it adds, but if you don't have a bottle yet, you can use rich simple syrup (2:1 sugar to water ratio).



cocktail shaker
fine mesh strainer
collins glass


3 oz bourbon
1 oz Eli Mason Gomme Syrup
6-8 fresh basil leaves
sprig of fresh basil for garnish
crushed ice



Place fresh basil leaves in the bottom of the cocktail shaker and muddle well. Add bourbon and gomme syrup and fill shaker with ice. Shake well for 15 seconds to chill. Pack your glass with crushed ice 2/3 of the way full, place basil sprig in glass and fill to the top with ice to hold it in place. Double strain the cocktail into the ice. Place a straw in the glass, sip back and enjoy!