Shark Bite Cocktail

It should be pretty obvious at this point that we like to have fun with our booze.

The return of Shark Week on Discovery is exactly the excuse we need to make a cocktail. Shit, we don't really need any excuse, but it's nice to have someone to blame every now and then!

A quick google search of the Shark Bite cocktail will turn up dozens of variations, but we're obviously kinda partial to this one. 

Most of the recipes out there call for sour mix. If you've ever had this shit, you know how damn nasty the bottled stuff usually is. It's full of corn syrup and chemicals and is just nasty as fuck. You can make your own sour mix by bringing 1 cup of water to a boil with 1 cup of sugar and 1.5 cups of lemon and lime juice. When done, chill and keep it in the fridge.

But we just discovered the first sour mix in a bottle that we actually love. Local Nashville company Walker Feed Co. makes a Honeysuckle Sour that is damn good. The honeysuckle flavor is subtle and the sweetness is just right. If you see it, buy it. You'll find a use for us.

We also used good coconut rum. The Coconut Rum from Sugar Island Rum Co. is naturally-flavored. It makes a difference in this drink tasting more like a beach drink and less like a scented candle. Go get some.

Okay, enough rambling, here's the recipe:



cocktail shaker
rocks glass


2 oz Sugar Island Rum Co. Coconut Rum
3 oz Walker Feed Co. Honeysuckle Sour (or homemade)
.5 oz blue curacao
few drops of grenadine 



Add rum, blue curacao and sour mix to an ice-filled shaker and give it a quick shake to chill. Strain into a rocks glass with ice and add a few drops of grenadine to simulate blood. That's it.