Pyrat Rum Cow

Who said Tiki Drinks are only for evenings? Kinda like the New Orleans morning tradition Brandy Milk Punch, this 1937 original from Don the Beachcomber takes a simple combination of rum, milk, sugar and spice and serves it up for any time of the day...or morning.

While the original recipe calls for dark Jamaican rum, we've swapped it out with one of our favorites, Pyrat XO Reserve. From the makers of Patron (YUM!), Pyrat Rum is a blend of exceptional barrel-aged "pot still" rums . Unlike column distillation, pot stills leave more esters (i.e. flavor) in the rum. Once selected and blended (including rums aged up to 15 years), they are further mellowed in French Limousin and toasted American Oak barrels, imparting even more complexity to the spirit. Lucky us.

We also tweaked the original recipe by swapping out simple syrup with Turbinado Simple Syrup (recipe here) and adding a little cream to the mix because, after all, who doesn't love cream? The real secret? Freshly-grated nutmeg. Forget that shit sitting in the tin can hiding in the back of your spice cabinet. Go with the fresh stuff.

Recipe adapted from Beachbum Berry's Sippin' Safari.



cocktail shaker
cocktail glass


2 oz Pyrat XO Reserve
1 oz Turbinado simple syrup
2 oz milk
1 oz cream
freshly-grated nutmeg


Fill cocktail shaker with ice and add rum, turbinado simple syrup, milk and cream. Cover and shake well for 15 seconds or so. Strain into a chilled glass and grate some of that nutmeg on top. Now go get your morning paper and chill.