Lemon & Cuke

Spring is almost (finally!!!) here. That means front porch cocktails and warm weather drinking! The folks at Deep Eddy are no dummies. They released their new Deep Eddy Lemon just in time...

Flavored with real lemon juice, Deep Eddy Lemon (and all their flavors, for that matter) should not be lumped in with most other flavored vodkas. That's because, unlike most others, Deep Eddy flavors their vodkas with real fruit juice. It means it tastes like the real thing, not like some scented candle shit like the rest of the cake, whipped cream and donut-flavored ones out there.

Like their other flavors, Deep Eddy Lemon can be drank simply - with just soda water. But if you want to add a little spin, and make it green for St. Patrick's Day, add a little fresh cucumber juice. It's easy to make (we told you how before), and adds even more freshness to the flavor of the lemon.


collins glass


2 oz Deep Eddy Lemon
1 oz fresh cucumber juice
3-4 oz soda water
strip of cucumber for garnish


Build the drink in the glass by filling with ice and adding the vodka and cucumber juice before topping with soda. Give it a light stir and garnish with a strip of cucumber.