Key Lime Mojito

Mojitos. They're the bane of every bartender's existence. As soon as one gets ordered, everyone wants one. All that damn muddlin' and prep. 

But people order them for a reason. Because they're fucking delicious. Fresh mint, lime, sugar, rum and seltzer combine to make one hell of a tasty cocktail. 

We've got a bottle of the Wray & Nephew Overproof White Rum and were wondering what to do to a mojito that would make it stand up the intense flavor of really good rum. The answer was simple, swap out regular limes for key limes

Valued for their tart and bitter flavor, key limes have more acidity (and seeds) than regular limes. They're easy to find fresh in about any grocery store, so please don't cop out with bottled juice, okay?



cocktail shaker
bar spoon
tall glass


1.5 oz Wray & Nephew Overproof White Rum
2 whole fresh key limes
2 sprigs fresh mint (about 12 leaves)
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
5-6 oz seltzer
fresh mint and lime for garnish


Cut the fresh limes into quarters and drop them into the bottom of your cocktail shaker. Add the fresh mint and sugar and muddle to press and release the juices from the lime and the flavor of the mint. Add the rum and stir with a bar spoon to finish dissolving the sugar. Add a few cubes of ice and give it a quick shake before transferring to your glass. Rinse the shaker with the seltzer and pour into glass. Give it a light stir and fill with more ice if needed.