Moonshine Julep

Of course the traditional method of making a mint julep calls for bourbon. But if you know us at all by now, you know we're not necessarily traditionalists. 

There's a million and one ways to make a mint julep, but this method calls for a homemade fresh mint syrup. To make, take equal parts of granulated sugar, water and tightly-packed mint (stems and all). Bring it to a boil and remove from the heat to let it cool before straining to remove the mint. What's left will keep refrigerated for a couple weeks.

But back to that moonshine. We're using one of our all-time favorites, American Born. It's important to note that not all moonshines are made equal. Many are basically just vodka, but not American Born.  Packing a proof of 103, it has sweet grain flavor and is basically just unaged whiskey. It's good stuff and perfect for making a mint julep.



2.5 oz American Born Moonshine
1 oz mint syrup (see recipe above)
sprig of fresh mint


Fill your glass with crushed ice. In a separate mixing glass, combine the moonshine and mint syrup and pour over the crushed ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint.