Oh, Hi Barb

Oh, hi Barb! Can't you just hear the Minnesota accent?

If you've been following along with us for a while, you've probably seen us use Art in the Age Spirits before. And for good reason. This stuff is so good it can't be categorized or grouped with any other spirit. Made with organic ingredients, they craft creative infused spirits like ROOT, SNAP, SAGE and RHUBARB Tea. They're all so good that we've had them join us before, but we couldn't be happier to have them coming back to join us for Juniper June!

RHUBARB Tea features a botanical bounty of beets, carrots, lemons, petitgrain, cardamom, pure cane sugar, and of course, rhubarb. All organically certified and delicious. It's a confident 80 proof spirit that’s tangy but not too tangy–sweet, but not too sweet. Crisp and refreshing, but with a hint of spice. It's so good that we realized maybe it didn't need anything else but chipped ice. So, here you go...the easiest damn drink you've ever made.



a glass....can you handle that?


2 oz Art in the Age RHUBARB Tea
rosemary and fresh strawberry for garnish


Pour it in a glass with chipped or crushed ice. Garnish. Think you can handle that?!