Orange Negroni

Gin is made for cocktails. 

You can shoot tequila straight, sip frozen vodka at dessert and drink whiskey on the rocks, but gin is made for cocktails. 

We were quickly reminded of that fact when we tasted Damrak Gin for the first time. With a flavor unlike any gin we've ever tasted (and we've tasted a shit load of gin), Damrak turns down the juniper and turns up the citrus. Orange, to be exact. It's a mandatory 'must' for any gin lover - or even a gin hater for that matter, cause this stuff will turn them. But we shouldn't be surprised that it's so good. It comes from Bols - the same folks that make Bols Genever. They've been making spirits since 1575, so it's pretty safe to say they know their shit.

To play up the natural orange flavor of Damrak, we've added just a couple dashes of orange bitters to the classic Negroni recipe. Try it. 



cocktail mixing glass
bar spoon
rocks glass


1.5 oz Damrak Gin
1.5 oz Campari
1.5 oz sweet vermouth
2 dashes orange bitters
twist of orange peel for garnish.


Combine the spirits and bitters in your mixing glass. Fill with ice and stir to chill. Strain into a pre-chilled rocks glass and add fresh ice. Garnish by expressing the oils of the orange zest into the cocktail before dropping it into the glass.