Tree's Knees

If you're a lover of classic cocktails, you should be familiar with the Bee's Knees cocktail. 

Created in Paris in the early 1930s, this cocktail is the definition of simplicity. Just three ingredients (four if you count the ice), it's what a balanced cocktail should be. But sometimes, it's fun to play around with a classic.

Such frivolity took place when we had our Juniper June event. There were literally dozens of boozy options for folks to try and one of the cocktails was this one. 

Made with Bourbon Barreled Big Gin from Seattle, it already had a little more complexity than the honey-lemon-gin counterpart. But the real secret was the swap of pure maple syrup in place of honey! The earthly flavor of the maple was an ideal balance to the woody gin.



cocktail shaker
rocks glass


2 oz Bourbon Barreled Big Gin
.75 oz fresh-squeezed lemon juice
.75 oz pure maple syrup


Add all three ingredients to a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice and strain into a rocks glass with fresh ice.