Black Cat

If you attended our "Bitter Lovers" event in February or "Tres de Mayo" in May, you likely got to taste Black Magic Rum. A delicious dark spiced rum, Black Magic is fantastic whipped into all sorts of cocktails - like that crazy-delicious Black Magic Margarita they served in May?!?

But, we're getting ready for the 4th of July (and taking a month off from hosting), so we're playing around with cocktails and using fireworks as our inspiration. As far as fireworks go, if you didn't have Black Cat Firecrackers as a kid then you didn't have a childhood. Just saying.

And although this drink is not quite black, it does have quite a bang due to the 2.5 total ounces of booze and some tasty juices. The color gets a little darker thanks to a splash of blue curacao, but it's honestly pretty good (and a slightly more appealing color) without it. 



cocktail shaker
highball or cooler glass


2 oz Black Magic Rum
.5 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz cranberry juice
.5 oz blue curacao
splash of club soda


Combine the first four ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake to chill and pour into a glass. Top with club soda.