Blue Flame

We couldn't make cocktails for the 4th of July weekend without making a blue one, could we? Of course not.

Though it's not actually blue, Pickers Blueberry Vodka is made with real fruit, so the blueberry (which we notice is really more like a purple berry) is definitely the star of the show with this one. Pickers is made right here in Nashville with non-gmo corn, so it's naturally gluten free (and also really delicious). They also have the original and a really tasty Blood Orange Vodka, also made with real fruit. 

But the color had to come from somewhere, so we put a full ounce of blue curacao in this puppy. But don't go thinking just because it's bright blue that it's going to be too sweet. Pickers is just lightly sweetened and we mixed this simple drink with plenty of club soda, so it's light and refreshing - just what you need for a summer cocktail!



cooler or tumbler glass


2 oz Pickers Blueberry Vodka
1 oz blue curacao
6 oz club soda or seltzer
cherry for garnish


Add the Pickers and blue curacao to your glass filled with ice. Top with club soda and stir lightly to combine. Garnish and serve.