Roman Candle

Yup, the 4th of July is right around the corner and we're working on a special batch of fireworks-themed cocktails. Enter the Roman Candle.

But it's not just a name that makes a drink good for the 4th. It needs to be relatively easy to make, refreshing and easy to drink. Well, the Roman Candle meets all those criteria. 

We've basically taken a gin and tonic and added a little zest with the Italian liqueur Aperol. Italy...Rome...Roman... get it? Okay, so it's kinda a stretch.

We've also used one of our favorite gins, Prairie Gin. Unlike our attempt to make this drink firework-themed, this gin is no joke. It's totally organic and made with a hint of juniper and has a light finish that you need for a summer cocktail. 



cooler glass


1.5 oz Prairie Gin
.5 oz Aperol
tonic water
lime wedge for garnish



Pour the gin and Aperol in the glass filled with ice. Top with tonic water and garnish with a lime. Think you can handle that?