The Sparkler

Remember when you were a kid and nothing was exciting as being handed a sparkler? Well, these are not for kids but they're still pretty exciting. 

To keep with our theme of fireworks-inspired cocktails, we're putting a spin on a traditional Champagne Cocktail by adding a little Campari. Imported from Italy and both bitter and sweet, the Campari adds depth and complexity to the bubbles, balanced by the sugar cube slowly dissolving at the bottom. 

If making these in a large batch (we encourage that), go ahead and mix the bubbles and Campari, just save the sugar cube to be dropped in at the last second. 

We should note that we're actually not using Champagne, but Bolla Prosecco instead. Similar to Champagne, but uniquely Italian, it is fruity and acidic. Oh, and also delicious. 



champagne flute


Bolla Prosecco, chilled
.5 oz Campari
1 sugar cube


Drop the sugar cube in the bottom of your glass and add the Campari. Fill with prosecco and enjoy.