Darling Clementine

Oh, that darling Clementine. She's sweet, spicy and she packs a punch. But all it takes is four simple ingredients to make this complexly-flavored cocktail.

It starts with two different types of booze. We used one of our favorite tequilas, Espolón Blanco and a not-so-secret ingredient, Ancho Reyes. Made from ancho chilis, it's smoky, spicy and sweet. But not too sweet. A little can go a long way, or a lot can be just enough to knock you on your ass. 

The third ingredient is fresh-squeezed clementine juice. Similar to a tangerine, but seedless, clementines have less acidity than orange juice. So if you opt for oj instead of the namesake citrus in this, you may need to add just a little more of our fourth ingredient; agave nectar. 


cocktail shaker
coupe glass


2 oz Espolón Blanco
1 oz Ancho Reyes
1 oz fresh clementine juice
.5 oz agave nectar
fresh clementine for garnish


Combine all four ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously to chill. Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with fresh clementine segments.